24 Best Grilling Ideas & Recipes

In my house, Memorial Day Weekend usually marks the beginning of the summer grilling season. Here are 24 of the best grilling ideas to keep you grilling all summer long.

In this recipe roundup you will find recipes for grilled sides and mains, as well as some delicious recipes for fun cocktails and tasty desserts. Click on the bulleted text to go directly to the recipes.

Best Grilled Sides

Great side dishes are a must when you are throwing a summer barbecue. Here you will find some healthy vegan and gluten-free options, as well as some really unique and creative recipes.

Shot of three corn on the cob drizzled with vegan blue cheese on a red napkin with a woman holding an ear of corn in the background

Overhead shot of grilled broccoli salad in a white bowl on a white background

Overhead shot of grilled potatoes tossed in a herb and lemon sauce served in a white bowl set over a light blue background

Closeup of triangular polenta cakes with beautiful grilled marks

Overhead shot of griled bruschetta topped with goat cheese and colorful fresh vegetables

Overhead shot of mac and cheese in a baking dish

Best Grilling Ideas for Mains

These recipes will make your barbecue truly unforgettable! I’ve included several must-haves like burgers and skewers, as well as some less traditional but equally yummy recipes.

Overhead shot of four lamb tikka skewers on a white plate on a white background

Shot of bourbon sauce being poured over three grilled scallops against a white background

Overhead shot of three tropical hot dogs topped with colorful tropical ingredients like mango

Closeup of grilled avocado stuffed with a mixture of steak and fresh vegetables with another stuffed avocado in the background

Overhead shot of three steak kabobs against a white background

Overhead shot of colorful grilled halloumi and avocado salad on a white plate against a dark background

Straight on shot of whole chicken on a can of wine inside a charcoal grill

Close up of boursin burgers topped with lots of baby greens

Overhead shot of tofu colorful tofu skewers on a white background

Overhead shot of a platter of grilled lobster garnished with herbs

Best Grilled Desserts

Since you have the grill going, why not grill dessert as well? Here are some of the best grilling ideas to end your barbecue with a bang.

Closeup of grilled pineapple slice topped with vanilla ice cream and some rum glaze

Overhead shot of two grilled peaches topped with honey ricotta cream next to a bowl of honey and white flowers

Shot of grilled angel food cake with strawberry rhubarb compote on a white plate with strawberries and vanilla ice cream and an ice cream scoop in the background

Best Cocktails

No grilling party is complete without something boozy. Here you will find cocktails using grilled ingredients and cocktails that are perfect for warm weather.

Straight on shot of orange pomegranate sangria in a tall glass garnished with a slice of orange

Overhead shot of frozen peach bellini garnished with raspberries

Overhead shot of a woman's hand holidng a watermelon habanero margarita garnished with a lime and some mint

Shot of two grilled pineapple margaritas garnished with pineapple slices and jalapeno against a marble background

Other Grilling Ideas by The Boozy Oyster

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