15 Delicious New Year’s Cocktails

Throwing a great New Year’s Eve party just got a lot easier with these 15 New Year’s Cocktails! In this list, you’ll find a wide range of inventive and delicious cocktails made by some of the best bloggers out there, plus a few bonus ones from The Boozy Oyster. Cheers!

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1. Classic Mojito. This rum-based Cuban drink is the perfect way to get a New Year’s party started. It’s light, refreshing, and slightly sweet. This version from Downshiftology is made with honey rather than granulated sugar which makes it that much more interesting!

Straight on shot of mojito in a tall glass with a straw and garnished with mint leaves

Classic Mojito by Downshiftology

2. Gold Shimmery Champagne Cocktail. If you are looking for a truly spectacular New Year’s cocktail, you have to give this cocktail by The Flavor Bender a try. It’s made with champagne, elderflower liqueur, vodka, and gold shimmer luster dust. Absolutely stunning!

Shot of shimmery champagne cocktail in champagne flutes next to some chocolate champagne truffles

Gold Shimmery Champagne Cocktail by The Flavor Bender

3. Rosemary Paloma. You can’t go wrong with a tequila cocktail, and The Paloma is the king of tequila cocktails in my book. The addition of some rosemary-infused triple sec in this version from Mom’s Dinner makes this classic drink perfect for a winter celebration.

Shot of three rosemary palomas garnished with fresh rosemary sprigs

Rosemary Paloma by Mom’s Dinner

4. Pomegranate Champagne Moscow Mule. This classic vodka cocktail gets a festive makeover with the addition of pomegranate juice and champagne. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Overhead shot of pomegranate champagne moscow mule in a copper mug surrounded by pomegranate seeds a a lime wedge

Pomegranate Champagne Moscow Mule by A Nerd Cooks

5. The Fifteen. You can never have too many champagne cocktails at at New Year’s party. The Fifteen by Umami Girl keeps things interesting with the addition of some whiskey and apple cider. It’s super simple to make too!

Shot of champagne, whiskey, and apple cider cocktail in a champagne glass

The Fifteen by Umami Girl

6. Manhattan with Rye and Amarena Cherries. The Manhattan is one of my favorite cocktails because it’s elegant without being fussy. This version by Sip and Feast is the perfect cocktail to celebrate the new year.

Overhead shot of manhattan cocktail garnished with two cherries

Manhattan by Sip and Feast

7. Champagne Punch. It’s always nice to have a big-batch cocktail in your arsenal when you are making drinks for a crowd. This champagne punch by Sugar & Soul has all sorts of yummy things in it like ginger ale, triple sec, and blackberry brandy to name a few. It’s sure to impress your guests!

Shot of champagne punch in champagne glasses garnished with cherries

Champagne Punch by Sugar & Soul

8. Puerto Rican Eggnog. If you love the idea of eggnog but are less keen on the egg part, then this cocktail is for you. It has all the wonderful, warming flavors of eggnog without actually using any eggs, and it’s the perfect cocktail to end a New Year’s celebration.

Puerto Rican Eggnog by Thrift & Spice

9. Port Wine Cocktail.ย All great evenings have to end, but why not do it in style with a port cocktail like this one from Gastronom?

Shot of two port cocktails next to a bottle of port

Port Wine Cocktail by Gastronom

10. The Revolver: A Bourbon Cocktail. Afraid your guests might fall asleep before midnight? Fear no more! This bourbon cocktail by Blossom to Stem has a nice coffee kick that will keep everyone awake long enough to welcome the new year.

Image of man pouring bourbon cocktail into a coupe glass

Revolver Bourbon Cocktail by Blossom to Stem

11. White Rosemary Rose Coconut Cocktail. If you really want to end your evening with a bang, you need to give this cocktail by She Keeps a Lovely Home a try. It’s not only absolutely gorgeous, but also full of delicate flavors. It will likely become your go-to party cocktail!

Image of white rosemary coconut cocktail against a black background garnished with red roses

White Rosemary Rose Coconut Cocktail by She Keeps a Lovely Home

12. Pomegranate New Year’s Punch. I love big-batch cocktails that can be made in advance because that means that you get to enjoy the party too. This pomegranate punch by Easy Cooking with Molly is sweet, tart, and super easy to mix.

Image of pomegranate punch in a coupe glass garnished with mint leaves

Pomegranate New Year’s Punch by Easy Cooking with Molly

13. Ultimate Cesar Cocktail. New Year’s celebrations don’t end on New Year’s Eve, so I’ve included several cocktails for New Year’s Day in this list. First up, this delicious Cesar cocktail. It’s Bloody Mary’s Canadian cousin.

Image of Cesar cocktail garnished with olives, salami, and a celery spear

Ultimate Cesar Cocktail by Girl Heart Food

14. Bubbly Blood Orange Campari Cocktail. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than with some Campari and bubbles! This cocktail would be great on New Year’s Eve or the morning after.

Closeup of bubbly blood orange Campari cocktail garnished with a slice of blood orange

Bubbly Blood Orange Cocktail by Mother Would Know

15. Grapefruit Mimosa.ย Start the New Year with a delicious grapefruit mimosa like this one by Sidewalk Shoes, and you are guaranteed a 2019 full of amazing cocktails.

Image of grapefruit mimosa garnished with a grapefruit slice next to a teal cocktail shaker

Grapefruit Mimosa by Sidewalk Shoes

Bonus New Year’s Cocktails from The Boozy Oyster

16. Creme de Violette and Prosecco Cocktail. This colorful cocktail takes minutes to mix, and it’s light and refreshing.

Overhead shot of creme de violette and prosecco cocktail garnished with orange slivers

17. Aperol Gin and Tonic. Who doesn’t like gin and tonics? To make this classic cocktail a bit more interesting, I added some Aperol, a slightly bitter Italian liqueur. It gives the cocktail a beautiful pink hue and a more interesting flavor profile.

Picture of Aperol gin and tonic on wooden serving board.

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