Julia Mueller’s Protein Pancakes

As a self-taught cook, cooking blogs and cooking shows have been really important when it comes to developing my culinary skills. Cooking with alternative flours like almond flour felt particularly scary until I came across Julia Mueller’s fabulous blog, The Roasted Root. Not only are her recipes clear and easy to follow, but she also takes the time to highlight possible substitutions if you can’t find a particular flour or ingredient. More importantly, you can tell that she has really tested her recipes because all of them come out great the very first time you make them. Like these protein pancakes.

Stack of pancakes with whipped yogurt and maple syrup

The reason why I chose Julia’s pancakes as my first featured recipe is because I made them once and became completely obsessed with them. I’m now at the point where I make them at least twice a week, and they are my go-to breakfast before going hiking. They are both delicious and filling, which is exactly what I want before I set out on a two-hour hike. I’m one of those people who gets hangry really easily, so I always try to take the time to have a good breakfast before I go hiking. Otherwise, I’m going to be gobbling up protein bars like there’s no tomorrow when I’m halfway up the mountain.

Me standing next to a tree on Kamiak Butte

Speaking of hiking, I used to hate it before I moved to Washington State. Now that I’ve realized how good it is for you and how many hiking trails there around the state, I try to go at least once a week. I always come back feeling relaxed and ready to take on whatever life might throw at me on Monday, so that alone makes it worth it. The pictures that accompany Julia’s pancakes in this post were taken at my favorite hiking spot, Kamiak Butte, this spring. The hike itself is very pretty, but the real reward comes when you get to the top and take in the beautiful views. The Palouse region is truly one of the most beautiful in the U.S.

Rocky landscape and green fields in the distance

Now, coming back those pancakes. I like Julia’s recipe so much that I haven’t made any changes or substitutions except to use arrowroot powder instead of tapioca flour. Tapioca flour is not easy to find where I live and I had the arrowroot powder laying around anyway, so I decided to use it instead. Both are thickening agents but, if you do decide to use arrowroot, just keep in mind that you substitute one tablespoon of arrowroot powder for two tablespoons of tapioca flour.

Julia’s recipe also gives you tons of options so that you can personalize your pancakes. I love to use hazelnut flour instead of almond flour simply because I feel that it has a nuttier, more complex flavor. It’s a lot more expensive than almond flour though, so feel free to just stick to the original recipe if you want to save some money.

Top view of stack of pancakes with whipped yogurt and strawberries

Also, if you are interested in eating more veggies and less carbs without sacrificing any flavor, I strongly recommend that you follow The Roasted Root.

But make her pancakes first! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you keep reading, you’ll also find a simple recipe for a delicious whipped yogurt topping for the pancakes. This is not in Julia’s original recipe but I find that it adds a welcome tang and sweetness to the pancakes.

Whipped Yogurt Topping

May 25, 2017
: ¾ cup
: 5 min


  • ½ cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup plain, full-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • Step 1 Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and whip with a hand mixer until soft peaks form. You can also use a stand mixer for this step.
  • Step 2 Use the yogurt to top anything from pancakes, to berries and granola, to baked oatmeal.

The whipped yogurt will keep in the fridge for around three days.








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6 thoughts on “Julia Mueller’s Protein Pancakes”

  • Thank you so much for such a kind shout out! I’m so happy you love the pancakes, and I’m glad they worked out with arrowroot. Loving your photos of Washington! I really need to go on a hike up there and take some pancakes to snack on! xo

  • these pancakes are ridiculously awesome. not only that but the fact that they are full of protein makes them even more my type of breakfast recipe! perfect for a post workout meal!

  • Oh these sound delicious! We have been in a bit of a pancake rut for a while and I think I need to move on from our ‘old faithful’ recipe to mix things up a bit.

  • Thanks for this recipe. Whenever i try to make protein pancakes, they never turn out right, or at least not as good as my regular pancakes. I’ll have to try this recipe to see what i’m doing wrong….or maybe it’s just that I dont have your yummy yogurt topping on top

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