20 Delicious Easter Brunch Ideas

Easter is just around the corner! Make sure that you and your guests have a great celebration with these 20 delicious Easter  brunch ideas.

You will find great recipes for brunch cocktails and mocktails and sweet and savory dishes including vegetarian and vegan options. Click on the bulleted text to go directly to the recipes.

1. Brunch Cocktails

Brunch is never complete without a light and refreshing cocktail. The 5 delicious cocktails included here offer a combination of bubbly, sweet, and unexpected flavors that will wow your guests.

Overhead shot of two blackberry ginger bellinis in elegant glasses garnished with a blackberry

Straight on shot of turmeric orange spritzer in a short galss garnished with an orange curl

Overhead shot of two carrot moscow mules in a pint canning jar with a handle garnished with a lime slice and a carrot curl

Overhead shot of two grapefruit strawberry mojitos in a short glass garnished with strawberries and flowers

Close up of Princess Violette cocktail in a tall galss decorated wtih gold dots and garnished with a lemon slice

2. Brunch Mocktails

Everyone should feel included on Easter, so here are 4 yummy, kid- and adult-friendly mocktails.

Close up of non-alcoholic sangria in a short glass garnished with fruit

Shot of bright orange carrot smoothie in a tall glass with a straw

Overhead shot of lemon basil spritzer in a tall, gold-rimmed glass garnised with basil and a lemon wedge

Closeup of bright yellow non-alcoholic mimosa in a champagne glass garnished with a cherry and a slice of orange

3. Savory Dishes

Everyone needs a couple of outstanding savory dishes up their sleeve when hosting brunch. Here are 6 that are perfect for Easter.

Overhead shot of vegan orzo & spring vegetables in a large bowl with a spoon in it

Overhead shot of roasted potatoes and arugula salad on a white plate garnished with two lemon wedges

Closeup of a person's hand using a spoon to serve some of the ham aspargus strata

Shot of three smoked slamon crostini on a white tray with more crostini and salmon on the background

Close up of croque madame sandwich with gooey melted cheese and more grated cheese on top

Closeup of a slice of the vegan quiche with three asparagus spears showing

4. Sweet Treats

Do you need even more Easter brunch ideas? These 5 sweet treats include vegan cakes, gluten-free pies, the cutest doughnuts, and more.

Shot of vegan carrot cake on a white plate garnisehd with crumbs and yellow and purple flowers

Overhead shot of a platter of bright yellow chick goughnuts on a light blue background

Overhead shot of several Easter mini egg cupcakes on a baking rack decorated with white frosting and colorful mini eggs

Shot of a stack of vegan pancakes on a white plate garnished with strawberries and nuts

Closeup of slice of gluten-free lemon pie with a fork taking a piece out of it

5. Bonus Easter Brunch Ideas from The Boozy Oyster

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